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Diacopars is a Paint and Coatings company. Our products are professional wood, industrial, decorative and other different paints and coatings that have so many applications in daily life & work of all people around the world. We apply modern and initiative methods by choosing the best standards in our production processes. Our products are known as DIOX in domestic and international markets.

“Just make and sell” is not enough for Diox. We believe in the merit of our products. We follow leading and latest science and technologies in our activity field (Paint and Coatings) in laboratory and manufacturing levels to make the most professional and applicable paint and coating materials in accordance with the climate properties of each client and region. There are many critical points about products’ final quality to consider about the range of moisture and temperature and other environmental indicators. We thoughtfully decide about them.

All DIOX productions are standard and consider environmental safety more than any other criteria. When we decide to make a new product first examine all scientific and safety aspects and then release and introduce the new production.

Making environmentally friendly, beautiful, colorful, safe and suitable products for each place beside the best quality is the reason which made DIOX famous and favorable. Being initiative and creative means us to promote the quality of products and prevent time and money waste in all steps of process, production and distribution for each product.

Diacopars appreciate self and social development, cultural and belief differences. We respect honesty and feel responsible for public. We all try to develop these values more and more in our work and personal lives.

We are honored to say Our clients recall us as “The Coating and Paint Solution Provider”. We try hard to be tuned for ever. Trust and satisfaction of our clients make us work decisive and serious in paint and coating scientific and technology fields. DIOX enjoys helping you overcome challenging projects.

Our products in brief are industrial & protective coatings, professional wood paint and coatings, constructional and decorative paint and coatings, traffic paint, car paint and coatings, thinner and solutions and special products.

To have more information about our productions please contact us or visit our catalogues.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.