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Diacopars R&D

One of every six chemists would step ahead of usual laboratory processes. Diacopars R&D department is the work place of the sixth one.

Diacopars R&D experts are handling so many projects by their scientific skills. In these projects professional paint and coatings formulas are made in which their properties would be changed or improved to adapt with special climate or environmental specification. Diacopars allocated some average annual income for activities in this part of the company because of its importance and critical role.

Our customers are from different industries: metal and wood and other materials. Our experts try to make the best products to protect,paint,coat and varnish. Making the best quality product is Diacopars goal.

Polymer Laboratory stationed in the company would guarantee the quality of products.

Diacopars R&D History

In 2010 we equipped ourselves with enough knowledge and technology to flourish our business. We had a new vision. The research and development part start working to improve the quality and quantity of our products.

Diacopars had three reform stages then:

First: Identify and Codify the Mission, Goals and Processes of R&D.

Second: Setting Diacopars Technology Management System.

Third: Innovation Technologies Management.

In 2010 When processes and R&D systems started their work, Diacopars R&D enriched to the level of settling technology management systems.

In 2011 developing the concepts, processes and technology management structures scheduled to increase and manage all company activity levels and staff. All these plans are made to make the research endogenous and acquiring the key technologies. Diacopars try to be equipped with the latest and best technologies as a competitive advantage to create more value and make more distance with other competitors in the market.


R&D mission is to create a platform to demonstrate, schedule, coordinate, implement and control research activities to find best solutions for paint and coating formulas. R&D is responsible for policy making and controlling the activities which enhance knowledge and technology of teams. By presenting advanced physical and scientific instructure and expert human resources beside the latest research analytics and cooperating with international and domestic universities, the quality of products are guaranteed.

Diacopars R&D structure

After analyzing different organizational systems and structures of similar companies a hybrid structure was chosen for Diox R&D department. In every level an R&D unit is settled to help Diacopars make the final vision in making brilliant products.

In 2015 the business part was added to R&D to manage the scientific research projects in product development and improvement. The main R&D unit changed to “Research and Technology”.

In the new organizational structure R&D office is responsible for integrity of research activities at team level and policy making. Research and technology mission is to continuously observe the technology progress and research needs of the company. Managing and identifying new businesses and projects as well as analyzing and controlling the quality of scientific management are the mission of this critical section in Diacopars paint and coating company.

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