We are looking for talented and teamwork lovers.

Diacopars is actually a great team. Our success is because of group energy, determination and enthusiasm. We believe talented people can bloom their ability in a unified team.

From the beginning, we believe human resource as  any organization’s basic and main fund. Diacopars tries to recruit expert and hardworking persons and make job positions for graduated ones in different fields of study. We had clear solutions to employ volunteers for any job position. The recruitment and management system is smart and clear.

If you want to join us, look at the list of job titles  then complete forms and send documents for us. After evaluating and when the organizational process is done Diacopars HR will contact you.

If your abilities match with our needs and values, think about joining our team!

Recruitment process in Diaco Pars Company

Hiring in Diacopars is based on a process whose steps are:


Receive & Keep Resumes In Data Bank

When recruitment forms are completed by volunteers and sent, they would be saved in the Resumes data bank.Any time HR needs to recruit, this data bank will be checked first.


Initial Assessment Of Eligibility Conditions

When HR needs to employ a person, CVs in the data bank will be checked. When the professionality and experience of a person is confirmed and the volunteer has enough ability and capability the resume would be sent to a related department.


Phone Call Assessment

Recruitment expert calls the candidate and makes a phone interview to have more information about the candidate and the range of adaptation with the job position.


Professional Interview

Candidates would be invited for professional interview and evaluation. If confirmed , the next step in employment is confirmation of the Vice President of HR and evaluation committee.


Evaluation Committee

In the  Diacopars evaluation committee, the competency of the candidate will be evaluated for the job position.


Admission Committee

Confirmed candidates of the evaluation committee will be invited by the CEO and top managers and expert employees for final interview and decision making.


Final Approval

Diacopars CEO will study the case and final evaluations of candidates ,then approve or reject the case due to policies of the company.


Hiring Procedures

Recruitment department will inform the candidate of conditions and time to start the work.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.