Diacopars Integrated Systems

Diacopars Integrated Systems

Diacopars Integrated Systems

Information technology is one of the most important international and investment  issues of  any organization’s management to make progress in recent years. Advanced management systems would help managers and business owners to improve the quality of products and services. There is lots of information and documents about economic and trade competition, services and science which need to be integrated and updated.

Management Information System would have good impacts on an organization function if applied correctly.

Diacopars integrated system software is designed according to our organization’s special and exact needs.

Enterprise Information Portal

There is an internal web based platform beside Diacopars website for all DIOX staff and consumers. The main website has complete information about the company, products and main activities. Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) includes all integrated systems in different organizational level accessibility. EIP is actually a gate to get documents for different users. EIP has complete information and documentaries of scientific, official and financial .

Diacopars Data Banks

Diacopars integrated system uses all data banks. Basic data banks are separate and independent but the other programs could use their information as reference. Data banks are updated by QC and technical experts.

Diacoparses basic data banks are:

  • Products comprehensive data bank
  • Raw material comprehensive data bank
  • Packaging supplies comprehensive data bank
  • Individuals and companies comprehensive data bank

Every bank has its own admin to avoid repeated processes, wrong information and non-integrated data. Systematic point of view in Diacopars program includes: program integration, process based system and emphasis on Enterprise resource planning(ERP), paperless official systems with cycle of official forms in processes.

Engineering and Production Programs

It is one of the most important softwares that all recorded definitions and processes are gathered. All basic properties would get from its data bank to ease the manager’s duty to check the production processes. Without observation, the competitive  advantage will vanish and production costs will increase. Diacopars overcome these challenges by making an integrated software system.

Commercial Programs

Every product should find its way to commercial flow. A company with a great commercial team has better business relations with its customers and clients. Commercial role is to present products and services and make more leads and customers. In today’s business world utilization of modern technologies specially applications are necessary for chances to be used or achieved. A simple and exact software with a full range of accessibility is one of the priorities for each business. Our MIS includes trade and commerce for us and is simple as well as comprehensive.

Official programme

Documentary needs to be gathered, processed, analyzed and deducted. Recently the worth of these documentaries is revealed as organizations wealth and a new branch of management borned. After this discovery, it doesn’t mean wasting money any more, and it’s a helpful way to achieve success by managing and organizing all documents on time and precisely. Accurate methods are necessary. Documentary management in a useful way among all organizational levels is a great way in order to classification and best result.

Financial Programs

Financial program is the main part of an integrated production system. Integrated financial program’s goal is to receive data and change them  to information. Information would help managers to achieve the organizational goals. Managers duty is decision making. Decision making needs correct and comprehensive information. Diacopars worked on each step carefully for every software, specially financials. 

Diacopars Website Design

Today’s business world has a great connection with information technologies and counts on internet platforms with all derivative branches including social networks and apps.

Digital marketing needs a great background in website designs. Designing a modern and user-friendly website is the first and basic step toward a new business era.

Diacopars tried to provide its products variety due to every taste, style and needs and present them to all over the world on its website. Websites should be applicable on different devices. Phone, cell phone, TV, newspaper and other media are replaced by websites.

Availability and multimedia capability of Diacopars website made it one of the best domestic painting industry websites. It’s the result of the creativity and knowledge of our web designers.

Diacopars web design team studied audience and color psychology to build a suitable graphic and well structured website. This design should be representative of organization identity to visitors.

Applying suitable platforms and softwares in programming , coding and implementing made our web site a great source for visitors and even our staff and managers.

We are open to any new suggestion and opinion.

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