Code of Ethics

Diacopars managers and personnel confederation:

  • Promote and improve business relationships among different organizations. We should work hard and increase business relations.
  • Try to learn and practice more professional, management and organizational points in order to fulfill our goals. 
  • Being up to date, making best quality products and empowering organizational and business culture, are our goals.
  • Respect our client’s dignity, ideas and critics and try to make them satisfied by our products, consulting and other services.
  • Respect and obey all rules of fair contracts and business relations.
  • Be clear, exact and honest business partner.
  • Make a positive, happy and learning environment for all coworkers and clients.
  • Permanent move toward enhancing the experiments and knowledge of social and professional fields.
  • Make a better world for next generations.
  • Not to pollute the earth and air.
  • Be modest and help people and customers live better.
Organizational Ethics
  • We committed to three management principles: permanent progress, cooperating staff and satisfied clients.
  • Respect and dignity in every situation is necessary in every situation.
  • Our client is our business partner, makes us more growth, and promotes. We are responsive, honest and clear.
  • Any critic, feedback or new idea is a chance for us and we are open to these. Any compliment helps us to make a better process or product.
  • Our client needs and differences, lead us to prepare more flexible products and services.
  • Speed, sharpness, attention, ease and quality of product delivery is too important for us
  • Fair contract making is the main principle in our business.
  • We are loyal to our client.
  • Clarity to pass data and applied consultants are our clients right.
Personal Ethics
  • We are some part of a company’s investment, therefore try to learn more and share our knowledge with each other in order to make a better version of ourselves.
  • We believe in our clients and customers and make the best quality products for them.
  • Discipline, punctuality and hardwork are our routines.
  • Respect time and try to do every duty on exact time.
  • Pay attention to be polite and do not disturb anybody.
  • Business information is safe and confidential with us.
  • Professionalism and personal growth are what we follow.
  • Appreciate creativity and innovation.
  • Finding our weak points help us to work on and be better.
  • We are the opposite of immoralities.
  • Do not waste and use the resources properly.
  • Try to make a happy, healthy and friendly workplace for each other.
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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.