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Diacopars customers trust the company’s products every day to protect their most valuable assets, and this makes us proud. We understand the importance of this great responsibility and know that the greatest successes and results begin with the smallest details; Especially in the performance of coating systems.

For this reason, we are with our customers from the beginning to the end of each project.

Our goal is nothing less than to support our customers by providing products and services that extend the life of their assets and reduce maintenance costs.

One of the distinctive features of Diakopars Dyeing Company is to provide engineering services and technical advice to esteemed customers and consumers of paints and coatings throughout the country. The technical and experienced experts of this company are ready in various stages of study, design and implementation of covering and protection systems, which are in sync with the experts of industrial companies and projects under construction across the country and abroad, technical services, studies and also after-sales services. Provide products. Some of the activities of this unit are mentioned below.

Training courses include the following:

  • Knowledge of paint and coating systems
  • Identification of color problems and defects
  • Optimum selection of covering systems suitable for operating conditions and project expectations
  • Educational workshops for optimal use of paint and correct application of coating systems
  • Planning for long-term exploitation of covering systems
  • Supervision of painting operations
  • Providing technical advice in choosing protection systems
  • Periodic inspection and performance evaluation of coating systems during operation
  • Phone support, online chat, email and on-site support
  • Diacopars intelligent technical support system
  • Intelligent separation of customers and transfer to the relevant expert, monitoring and reporting of the consultation process and ensuring their effectiveness.

You can also use the following links to find out about the special facilities that Diacopars has provided to customers:


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I Need Technical Advice

If you need more information and consulting services, you can contact Diacopars technical support and after-sales service unit through the following links.

  • Completing the technical consultation form
  • Communication with the company’s support email:
  • Telephone contact with  +982147782000 Internal Number: 600

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