Diaco Pars Company Is Manufacturer and Provider of Industrial, Flooring, Decorative and Wood Paint and Coatings

Diaco Pars provides a different range of products and services for industrial activities such as oil, gas, petrochemistry, vehicle, metal, wood, construction and other activities needed to seal and coat surfaces, walls and equipment. Diaco Pars make professional paint and coatings, provide professional consulting and training projects. Diaco Pars company enjoys advanced and fully equipped laboratories to make the best quality and standard products. Diaco Pars company’s technical knowledge and experience in manufacturing and expert and professional teams will help you to solve any problem in paint and coating projects. We try our best to meet your expectations in the most tangible terms, ensuring that you are happy with our quality and reliability and how we cater to your needs. We’re the kind of team which doesn’t stop innovating and inventing solutions.

New Products

White Polyurethane Acrylic Matte Series


Diox’s White Polyurethane Acrylic Matte Series have high solid percentage which could be used as the final layer on wood. This paint provides full coverage with minimal paint consumption. This paint is made of two components, hardener (dryer) is the second one and causes the formation of a strong urethane bond. Final result is high resistance to impact and scratches. The Urethane bond of this mixture will make a great coating physical and chemical properties and a durable resistant paint.

Product Properties:

  • Color: White
  • Components: Two-components
  • Moisture resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Maximum coverage and filling
  • High adhesion
Technical Services

Executive Department

One of the active and effective Department in Diaco Pars company is the training Department. Educational services are provided by the technical support and after-sales services Department of Diaco Pars in order to improve the technical knowledge of consumers and the ease of using Diox products. This unit is ready to interact with end customers

Training and Development

Diaco Pars training and development department is one of the active and effective departments. Customer service is ready to provide technical support and after sales training to educate any customer. Some Diox products need to be used in a special way to keep the best quality and result. This department presents scientific knowledge in practical ways.

Laboratory Department

Diaco Pars Industrial Paints and Coatings Laboratory is responsible for controlling the quality of manufactured products as well as formulating and modifying new products in accordance with the customer needs and knowledge of the day. All DIOX products are tested in the laboratory unit according to the necessity and importance by standard conditions.

Diaco Pars Supply Chain

Our products are designed based on respect for customers and the environment

Many suppliers are in contact with Diaco Pars every day and they help us in the realization of the plans and goals of the company in various fields, including the supply of raw materials, transportation services and establishing all kinds of communication. More than 150 suppliers a year from Iran and other countries help us in the production of coatings and products.

If you are a supplier, you can be included in Diaco Pars supplier list through the information registration form.
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